How to manage email accounts with cPanel

1.0 Overview

You can use this interface to add, manage, and delete email accounts all within your client area.

Note: You are required to have at least the 'Starter' hosting package. You can purchase one from here:


2.0 Where to access your email accounts

To access your email accounts, you will need to login to your client area. You can access your client area by navigating to

1) Once, you have logged into your client area, you will need to navigate to the web hosting package service you have purchased from us

2) Scroll down until you find the 'Quick shortcuts' section of your client area. You will then need to click on 'Email Accounts'.


Creating an email account from your client area


3.0 Setting up an email account

1) Follow the steps from 2.0

2) Next, you will need to click on the '+ CREATE' button to create your email address.

3) Type in the username for your email account:

4) Enter your password or click the 'GENERATE' button to generate a secure password for your email account.

5) Enter a custom Mailbox Quota storage size If you want to restrict how much storage the account has, then you simply type in a number of megabytes or use the drop down box to select your desired storage option. If you would like to have unlimited space, then simply click the 'unlimited' check box.

6) Click on '+ Create' to create your new email account!


4.0 Deleting an email account

1) Follow the steps from 2.0

2) Select 'Manage' on your chosen email account

3) At the bottom of the page select 'DELETE EMAIL ACCOUNT'


5.0 Accessing your emails

1) Follow the steps from 2.0

2) Select 'CHECK EMAIL'

3) Click on your chosen email client to view your emails


6.0 Setting up an account to forward your emails

To forward your emails, you will need to set up an email account within the email client you are currently using (Windows Mail, Gmail, IOS mail etc). Below are the options you will need to enter in order for your emails to be forwarded via POP3.

Note: Change '' to your domain name

Property Value
Incoming mail/email server
Outgoing mail/email server
Email address Enter the email address you want to forward
Username Enter the email address you want to forward
Password Enter the password for the email
Account name

Enter the name for your email account e.g. sales

Account type



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